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Whether online, TV, or on the radio, Commercials are an essential tool in introducing customers to a brand, product or service. Soft sell to hard sell - they work and they are here to stay! It's important to choose the right voice to convey your message. Think about how you want the listener to feel, what image do you want to portray? Are you advertising luxury that requires a smooth and sultry read? Perhaps a beauty product that commands something fresh and youthful or an insurance company looking for a friendly and approachable touch for an explainer? I have a versatile voice and can offer a range of styles to suit your needs. Have a listen to the adverts below!

If you’d like to hear how your script would sound with my voice, please email a snippet to me and I will provide a free, no obligation audition for you. If you’d prefer to discuss things first, just give me a quick call.